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Drug free sleep aid. Helps you sleep on your side so you can breathe better

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Introducing the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner

For Use as a Stop Snoring Device, Pregnancy Support, Help With Injuries, and More!

Are you struggling to find natural sleep remedies that can help with breathing and prevent snoring – without requiring the ingestion of medication or creating bothersome side-effects? We understand; we sought the same qualities when we developed the innovative Rest Rite Sleep Positioner. Whether you personally suffer from restless nights or whether you have a spouse who snores like a chainsaw, the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner was designed with the intent of becoming one of the best over-the-counter sleep aids on today’s market. Similar to a side sleeper pillow, these natural sleep aids effectively and comfortably help keep snorers, allergy-sufferers, and mild obstructive sleep apnea patients off their backs for a safer repositioning of the airways and a more restful night’s sleep.

Our pioneering sleep positioner is different from other “stop snoring” devices of its kind in that, unlike a side sleeper pillow, it can be fixed directly to the back with comfortable, residue-free, and easily-removed medical-grade adhesive. This means the device will not shift during the night and lose its effectiveness as it inches its way out from under your back. It will then promote a sleeping position that is more conducive to keeping the airway open, aiding in breathing and reducing snoring when caused from back sleeping.

Pregnant women and people with certain injuries also love this unique, barely-there sleep positioner. Try it for yourself by ordering some for you and your partner today, and start noticing what a difference a good night’s sleep can make!

Why Choose the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner

Rest Rite Sleep Positioner has many benefits that make it a one-of-a-kind, drug free sleep aid, using sleep positioning to train your body to find optimum relaxation in a variety of situations. See below or click here to learn a few of the benefits of Rest Rite Sleep Positioner.

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Disclaimer: If you think you are suffering from a condition listed on this site and think you may benefit from the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner, please talk to your doctor beforehand for approval to use the Rest Rite Sleep Positioner